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Air Canada Vacations Headquarters Major Stick Handling from Air Can.com or Air Can vacations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Had occasion to fly and book a trip to Jamica with AIR CAN VACATIONS in business class.Without getting into major details.The flight had many disappointments and as a result I only requested a refund on the return portion of the flight back to Toronto.which was app.150.00 dollars person person x2.I would have been satisfied with voucher on a future air canada vacations booking. The following occurred which warranted a complaint to AIR CANADA. We were placed in an non air conditioned jetway for over 5 min in 90 plus degrees. Then proceed into a non air conditioned aircraft for app. 45 min in total.also 90 plus degrees.A very dangerous condition for some of the elderly passengers.I myself began to sweat . Business class menu had 90 percent of food and wine unavailable. Luggage at Toronto Pearson was not priority ready(meaning first on carousel)which is part of business class.I actually never raised this issue in my initial complaint. As a result I made a comp via email through air canada .com and they offered me a 10 percent discount, only because there was a delay when we departed Toronto..This was a gesture of goodwill as stated by the Customer Rep at AIR CAN .COM.This rep advised that" I should contact AIR CANADA VACATIONS because of what occurred to me and my partner on the above mentioned flight and problems experienced because I booked this flight with AC Vacations. A month or so later I received a letter from AIR CANADA .COM offering me a 15 percent discount because of the issue with respect to the luggage(only)..So I now believe I have a 25 percent discount pending.Well to my surprize there was only a 15 percent discount.The real reason for this gripe and being disgruntled is that the discount was only allowed to be used with AIR CANADA.COM.and not with AIR CANADA VACATIONS. Q-What is the purpose of AIR CANADA VACATIONS.If you ever experience problems on a flight booked with air canada vacations as I did , you will never get a discount or voucher if warranted with them.Why have two separate companies.I dont think, they AIR CANADA know what the other one is doing! Q-Why cant the customer choose which company(AC VACATIONS OR AC.COM) they book with in the future if a discount is granted. I would appreciate that AIR CANADA show me where it is policy that you must fly/book through AC.COM.only.And be issued what I believe I am entitled to and that is the $300.00 voucher(return portion of the business class cost) on a future AIR CANADA VACATIONS booking.Looking forward to a response.!

Type of Gripe:

  • Contract
  • Poor Service
  • Product Safety

Type of solution KAZ GRAINER is looking for:

  • Compensation
  • Policy Change
  • Refund
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