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Bell Ma Bell Sticks It to you again
We Just opened our latest Bell bill. We bundle so the bill includes our phone and our television. The bill last month for January was $112.75 and our new bill for Feburary is $127.46. This works out to an 11.3% increase over the one month period. We live in and area that there is, presently, no alternative supplier for our phone service and the only alternative to our Satellite TV is Star Choice which is as big a waste of money as is Bell ExpressVu. The CRTC, in it's GREAT WISDOM took away the right for Canadians to legally purchase and watch Satellite services purchased outside of Canada (DirectTV as an example) and to top it off your TV bill has a fee included that goes to the CRTC's LPIF fund for the following reason "The LPIF was created by the CRTC to ensure that viewers in small markets (fewer than 1 million people) continue to receive a diversity of local programming including local news programming and to improve the quality and diversity of local programming that is broadcast in these markets." Please note that the fee for programming that you are charged for satellite TV includes stations that are free to air to begin with yet the LPIF fee is collected in addition to the fee you pay your satellite provider. Now the services that we are paying for in our latest bill from Ma Bell have not changed at all. With the regard to the telephone portion of the bill the increase in that service was appox. $11.71 and the increase to the TV portion was $3.00. But no additional service just "MORE MONEY". In fact, the day we opened our bill to the "GOOD NEWS" our telephone service went out and was out all day and into the evening. I have had arguements with both Bell ExpressVu and Star Choice over the fee's they charge for the questionalbe programming they air. it seems at times that there is as much paid advertizing on their service as there is shows to watch. The bottom line is profit and not the enjoyment of its subscribers. If I can find an alternative Bell, Bell ExpressVu and Star Choice can go the way of the DODO. I have been a customer with Bell for a very long time (30 years or better) and I was one of the first to sign up when Bell ExpressVu first launched because I naively thought it was going to be a good thing for consumers. As a foot note: If you get a saleperson calling to explain the great plans, deep discounts and free equipment you had better record the conversation. Remember they want a contract with you, or should I say your pocketbook. They would not want you to cancel just because it did not work out the way you thought is was going to be???

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