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Affiliated Veterinary Specialists Love your pet? Don't go to this vet!
AVS - Not a place to bring your beloved pet. Our family did not have a good experience with this veterinary clinic. Unfortunately, we have an awesome dog with an eating disorder. He gets blockages from trying to eat socks. Have surgeries to remove the socks has caused adhesions on his intestines. We were recommended by our vet in Florida to go to this clinic. It was the worst recommendation ever. Our dog had recently had surgery when we brought him in. He was not improving after having his intestines operated on. When we first came into AVS we were coolly greeted by the receptionist and given the run down on payment. Our dog was swiftly taken to triage without explanation. We then met an internist named Dr. Theresa Goodson in a cold, stark room. She explained that our dog was clearly dying and needed fluids along with a large number of tests. They gave us a low and high estimate. Before starting the tests you must pay the low estimate. By the way. At this clinic a VERY small amount of fluids is $60 bucks alone. Don't get me started on X-rays. A few thousand dollars later. She told us that our dog was clearly too much of a mess inside and he should be euthanized. Dr. Goodson said that if we elected to have the surgery (at a cost of at least 6 grand) he would probably only have a 10% chance to live. We called the previous Floridian vet. And explained that there was a sock in his intestines. And that they said it was most likely inoperable. Our Floridian vet had us bring our dog to her. At no charge. Dr. Theresa Goodson at AVS told us we were being irrational and that our dog would probably not survive the trip. Our good Florida vet (Dr. Kathryn Fell at Atlantic Vet Clinic) performed the surgery... for FREE because of our troubles. It was a short and EASY surgery- and our dog THAT NIGHT walked out on his own. AVS would rather have had us euthanize our dog than save his life. I would never trust my pet's life in the hands of these people. I was completely shocked.

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