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Lowe's (Headquarters) little old lady with big smile!
I had a chance to interview for a job called WE (weekender people person). Job was only customer assistance, no stocking, no cashiering, only people person walking the store helping people! A perfect job for a retiree who needed to supplement SS. My only problem was I had a stroke 6 months ago, recovered with only left arm weakness. I am capable, never late, love people but am considered disabled because of left arm. I would have been a perfect fit to be an ambassador for Lowe's. Why not hire a retired, disabled?? I even sent a "Thank you" letter and asked it there was another opening to consider me again. Never acknowledged the letter. I wanted to be a part of Lowe's! ___________________________________ LOCATION GRIPED ABOUT: 1211 National Highway Lavale, MD United States

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  • Poor Product

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