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Sears Canada Headquarters Kenmore dElite French Door Fridge - Service Friendly Appliance
Purchase a french door style, stainless steel, ice maker, water filter/chiller fridge freezer combination from Sears Kenmore. Purchased the fridge based on positive reports from consumer mags, online opinions, and coincidental timing of a very good sale.... Then we got the fridge, and it all started: 1. Door seal sticks on dual doors. 2. Over a period of 6 months, seal tears, we call Sears for repair. Seal is removed and replaced by technician. 3. Within months, seal starts tearing at the edge again, door needs to be closed right then left side to close door without it binding. We call Sears for repair. Seal is removed and replaced by technician. He claims he's never seen this before. 4. A few months later, seal tears at connection to fridge and door needs to be closed in a particular way to stop it from tearing further. Another call, another door seal. Technician replaces both door seals. Technician break inside trim on door and kinda covers it up and doesn't order replacement or tell us. We find out two days later when it falls off the door. 5. Tearing starts again, we call store to complain and demand someone who knows what to do comes out to fix this. Senior tech comes out, adjusts door hinges, replaces torn seal, smears seals with vaseline to ensure they don't stick. 6. Seal starts tearing again, plus the vaseline lube is getting on people's clothes as they open/close the doors. Another call, another technician. He replaces the one door on the left after a 3.5 hr appointment. Breaks the ice chute on the ice marker in the process, and leaves without connecting the ice maker to the electrical. One week before christmas holidays and we have no ice maker. Off to buy ice trays and bagged ice to entertain two family christmas parties. Nice. 7. Eventually, courier delivery brings replacement ice chute, to be owner installed?! 8. Complaints to Sears store manager, appliance manager, and service manager get empty promises. 9. Tech arrives for another appointment to replace the seals on both doors, fixes everything again, leaving everything "okay". He admits that he does not know what is happening, but its not our usage (two adults, no kids, both working, home for 1-2 meals per day) 10. We write a letter to Sears president, asking why store manager, service manager, and others refuse to respond to our request for a replacement under the 3 strikes policy. Policy says that if part is replaced 3 times, appliance is replaced by Sears with equal or better. Someone from Sears calls late one night asking about our letter to the President, asks about our pending service appointment for another seal, and then promises to call back in a couple days to follow up on the service call. 11. Seal tears again at splice on inside of door, and starts pulling out from mount on right door. Another service call, another door seal. We go to Sears and find the every french door style fridge on the floor has a completely different door seal system except one older LG model (our clone unit). This tells me that the seals on the 3 year old design are not suitable for use and Sears, etc have all replaced the seal system with another method. Tech tells us the last seal he removed is going to factory for forensics exam...?!?! 12. About a month since our letter to Sear's president, and a couple weeks since the last service call. Another letter to Mr. President asking for a response, and nothing from Sears... 13. Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money is Wasted!! Come on...5 or 6 door seals, one door, one ice chute, one door interior trim, and 7+ service calls? Did Sears really want to stand behind this and ignore our concerns? And we had the opposite experience with another Big Box Warehouse store...the prior fridge had a defective defrost system, and then had a leaking defrost pan. Called the store manager about the "lemon". He, PERSONNALLY, loaded a replacement fridge from the store into an employee's truck, drove it to my house 22 km away, removed the defective fridge and carried in the new fridge. No questions asked. Sears has lost our business completely. They will fail because of behaviour like this towards customers and will be replaced by companies who stand behind their products and provide customer service. Sears...you will join Woolco, The Bay and many other former Brands... And what really burns me...my wife and I spent enough time dealing with this fridge that if we had put the time into our day jobs, we could have paid for a better fridge from another manufacturer...

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