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Just Saab Just Saab Cincinnati profits for years but won't help consumers with lifetime warranties
On 8/10/2004 I was told I needed a new muffler by Just Saab. I paid their extreme price of 522.11. The part alone cost 408.45. I have paper work that indicates it has a lifetime warranty with Just Saabs logo and business information on it. 4 weeks ago my muffler hanger fell off. I took it into Tim Hengle, Service Manager, to have a look at it. The mechanic came into the lobby and told Tim D. Hengle in front of me that the car needed a new muffler. Tim told me he couldn't repair it because Saab filed for protection and that although GM has said they were honoring warranties sold while SAAB was owned by them they didn't know how to handle that. I chose to be patient and wait as I spoke with General Manager AJ Murphy, AJM@justsaab.com. and he suggested that they would know something later. Today I talked with both Tim and AJ. asking what the situation is. Tim told me that GM is only honoring warranties on cars sold between 2006 and 2009 and that they were not honoring parts warranties. I called back AJ to confirm and ask as that as a dealer who has made profit on me and others over the years if they would honor the warranty. He said "if we do that on all cars we would be out of business". I said that that was extreme. He offered no help. I am writing to ask you for help. This situation is unconscionable to me. I would be happy to receive the part or an aftermarket part paid for by the dealer that has profitted thousands from me over the years in service. I would install the muffler myself. I would appreciate anyone helping me resolve this. $522 is a lot to pay for a muffler. Sincerely, Honest Customer

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