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Chrysler Group LLC Jeep Transmission Connector Adapter Recall
My 06 JGC has a leak of transmission fluid from the trans. connector adapter. My mechanic says that occurs in Jeeps. There was a recall to fix them and they should replace it. Jeep tells me that my Jeep, that they manufactured, is not a part of the recall. I bought it brand new, paid in full. Never had much trouble, a fine vehicle IMO. I was told that I would have to replace it myself to the tune of $200+ and they might reimburse me. I know the part is only $20. Its the size of a thimble. You would think Jeep would replace the defective part if there was a recall on so many other Jeeps with the same problem. So now i refill my trans w/ fluid evey other month so i won't damage it.

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