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Jail Call Solutions Jail Call Solutions? or Problems?
I know someone who is incarcerated in a county jail. I found Jail Call Solutions on the internet, advertising $29.95 a month for unlimited calls from the jail to my home phone. I thought it would be a good deal, so I decided to try them. Of course, the price went up to $79.95. I was confused how it worked, so after I stupidly confirmed without giving any of my debit information. It gave me a link to email and cancel. I followed the link and requested cancellation and would like to speak to someone. No one emailed me or called me. Anyway, to make a long story short, I decided to go with them anyway and did give my debit card information. They charged my debit card for $79.95 and issued a local phone number for the inmate to call me on. They gave me an activation number to call, and the activation specialist assigned that number to my phone for inmate to call on. Then he told me I had to sign on to Securus which was the company that the jail used. And to tell them to use the local number they issued to me and to tell them that it was issued by JCS. Well, I did that and paid an additional $63.10 to Securus, they contacted me and said that they do not use "call diverter" numbers and if I would have let the inmate use that number it could have serious consequences on the inmate's part (like losing calling privileges) and possible charges for using the number. Also I could have gotten into trouble. I had Securus remove that number, and I immediately contacted JCS and told them that. I wanted my money back. They refuse to pay me back my $79.95. Keep stating that I paid for that number. But I keep telling them I COULDN'T USE THAT NUMBER!. I paid for something I couldn't use! After several emails back and forth, they still won't refund my money. What do I do? They are supposed to be legit, but I feel that they knew Securus wouldn't use that number, but the insist everything was on the up and up. Help!!!

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