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Polaris Industries Inc Is it acceptable for Polaris snowmobiles to catch fire!
My daughter was just going to cross a highway when my 06 Polaris snowmobile, with less than 700miles caught on fire. I am told by Polaris the warranty was expired by "2-months". I am glad she was not hurt but what could have happened if she was going fast. I would like Polaris to show some goodwill and make up the difference from my insurance received on a new sled, I also will pay the tax etc. I bought this sled as a new non-current with full warranty, I took good care of it, followed the service requirements, never was abused or raced. Snowmobiles should not catch on fire, I do not know why this sled caught on fire, I am grateful my daughter was stopped and not going the speed limit or faster.

Type of Gripe:

  • Product Safety

Type of solution khedican is looking for:

  • Compensation
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