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Suite 88 "An interview that wasn't sweet"
SO...I had an interview at "Suite 88 Chocolatier", a chocolate lounge that has 2 locations,one on St-Denis street and the other on De Maisonneuve.My interview was at the De Maisonneuve location with Noah..if memory serves correct.The interview was going pretty smoothly and Noah was very friendly and the place looked like a great place to work,anyway towards the end of the interview he calls over a woman who I believe is the manager of the De Maisonneuve branch,she sat down and conducted her own interview in french.I'm fluent in French except I do have a strong accent,because I'm from Italian descent,she caught on and grilled me on what kind of french schooling I had..seemed disappointed that I went to an English high school..but like I said I read and write and have a full concept of french.Anyway,after I finish speaking with her Noah seemed pretty content with my interview and told me he'd call me back by 3 in the afternoon "whether or not I got the job" but he made it seem as if it was a sure thing, even jotting down my week of vacation I had already planned and paid for.Well,3 oclock rolled by and I still got no news.I sent him an e-mail and he never responded.I believe he was going to hire me but the woman who I spoke with maybe wasn't so keen on hiring me because of my accent (which is discrimination).I think it's very rude to tell someone you are going to call back by the end of the day with news and never do so.He could have at least responded to my e-mail.How difficult is it to say "sorry,you're not a right fit".I gave him the easy way out and e-mailed him so he wouldn't have to deliver bad news in person.It's very unprofessional.My friends were fans of "Suite 88" and were shocked to hear about this debacle and haven't returned since.Shame on you,Suite 88!!

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