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Bell Aliant Internet from Bell? I rather a cup and string connection!
Bell has robbed the people in my region for years. Especially my hometown. Bell had oversold their Internet services and now not even new business, let alone normal consumers can start a new internet package. If you move to our region you WILL be without internet. A modern day necessity for communications, business growth and development as well as a number of other crucial outlets that we, and the rest of the country depend on. Bell is making the current internet holders (if you're so lucky) pay an increasing internet bill to match modern prices across the nation, but are only providing dial-up, if that, services... It should be against the law, in fact I think it IS against the law to advertise and charge for something you are not receiving. We are told we have high or ultra speed DSL. But my download speed caps at 8kbs. A 2 minute Youtube video could take anywhere from 5-10 minutes to load for example. This is unfair treatment and we are paying for services we are not getting. Any way you look at it... it's robbery. __________________________ LOCATION GRIPED ABOUT: 440 King St Fredericton, NB ca

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  • Billing
  • Contract
  • Misrepresentation
  • Poor Service

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  • Refund
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  • Replacement
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