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CANADA APPLIANCE ignore her and she will go away::::::::notttttttt
i bought a jennair gas range from canada appliances on jane st. in toronto picked it up on11/12/ 11/ due to renovations it was not installed until 23/ 12/ 11 there is a squeal when you use the oven and the broiler doesn't work . there is no qualified technician to fix it in this area it is a downdraft and it is not easy to disconnect it and transport it 40 miles away and then pick it up and reconnect it . i have been in touch with jennair and this is their solution. I have been in touch with canada appliance and they want a gas man to try and fix it via a telephone technician guide I just want to bring it back and get an electric oven that i can get it properly serviced if I have a problem. this is totaly unacceptable. on a new range. I have not heard back from them after several phone calls and a registered letter which was sent out february 06-12. I stated that I was willing to return this range to toronto and exchange it for the jennair/ downdraft/ duel fuel/ four burner/ convection oven then we are able to get it serviced if need be. The downdraft is a must for my kitchen..jennair and canada appliance WHERE IS YOUR WARRANTY AND INTEGRITY

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  • Poor Service
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  • Repair
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