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On 9/9/11 I used my Macy's card at the store in the Staten Island mallto get a couple of shirts.When I checked out I did not realize the cashier did not give me back my card. A few days later as I was checking my accourt like I do on all my cards< I notice a charge made on 9/13/11 in the amount of $794.00 which I did not make. So i when and pulled out my wallet to get my card to call Macy's then it hit me the cashier did not give me back my card. I called Macy's and let them know what happen they closed that card and gave me a new card then switched to the fraud department to make a claim. A few weeks later I received a letter telling me this is not fraud, They said the transaction in dispute was processed at our e-spot automated shop.( which I had no cule what that was ) They told me it's a vending machine at Macy's and to use it someone would have to enter the last four numbers of my social security. Baced on that aforemention WE are satisfied you had inurred the charges on this account. I have been disputing this for months I did not make this charge. How do i prove that I am INNOCENT!! P.S. I have made a police report,The store has no video on this. Last move I have is to take them to small claims court which I am in the proess of doing! LOCATION: 112 Richmond Hill Road, Staten Island Mall Staten Island, NY , United States

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  • Unethical Behaviour

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  • Refund
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