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I just bought a Samsung model UN32D 4003 and the picture is ok but the sound is a problem first of all the sound quality is worse then my clock radio but the bigest problem is the sound level dose not go up enough tho allow me to hear when actors speak low or whisper must adjust the sound to full volume to watch movies and as I said I still cant hear low voices. I called the Samsung service line and spent some with their tech doing lots of tricks but nothing improved the top volume I had tech savy friends come over but they could not improve it either. In all other sets I have and have had, I normally set the volume at about half the possible volume and that is fine. I watched Grand Torino with Clint Eastwood and I could only hear half of what was said. I am considering buying a surround sound ( with it's own amplifier ) but I see no suggestion in the manual as to how to plug it into my TV.

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  • Poor Service

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  • Replacement
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