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Received a call saying that my microwave was in, problem is, I live hundreds of miles away and had not ordered one from this Atlanta store. However, they had my name and phone number connected to an American Express Card, which I have never had. Thus I spent many hours on the phone trying to call American Express, credit card reporting agencies and even reported it to my local sheriff's department which they said the info would be sent to Atlanta. All this in stark contrast with the Atlanta store's manager who said they do not do police reports, since they would not be without the money because only the credit card company would be!!! While taking a break from all the phone calls I went online and looked up Atlanta, GA persons with my fairly unusual name-and there was one. After some further research online, I got a phone number and called this person. Imagine her shock when she found out why she had not been notified of her microwave being received and now it was cancelled, considered a fraudulent order. So now I had to call the manager at the store and reactivate her order,etc. Both employees of the store were so nonchalant they even carried on conversations with others while on the phone to me! Then two days later I get another manager who cheerfully told me they solved the problem by removing my phone number from their system, and seemed uneasy when I didn't act thrilled. He then called back to offer a $25 store gift card and when I told him that may suffice for one hour of all the concern and phone calls, he said that was all they could do. (By now I had called back the sheriff's dept. etc. to cancel the fraud reports.) Oh, yes-when I called their corporate offices both times I was disconnected before speaking to a person after 8 and 6 min. on hold! Worst customer service ever!!! ____________________________________ LOCATION GRIPED ABOUT: 211 Moreland Ave. NE Atlanta, GA USA

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  • Misrepresentation
  • Poor Service

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  • Compensation
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