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Chrysler Group LLC Hopefully Dodge makes a better quality product.
This is an old situation but at least i get to gripe about it. I bought a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 in 2005 from my motherp-in-law after my father-in-law died. I wanted to help her financially and she wouldn't take money from her kids. My father-in-law bought the seven year powertrain warranty. I enlisted in the Air Force and was stationed in Montana. In 2007 I was driving down to El Paso on leave to see my Brother. On the first day of the trip we were driving through Idaho and stopped at a rest area outside of Poccatello. The truck was running normal whe we stopped. Whe I got in the truck to head down the road everything was fine. As I was getting up to speed I heard a pop in the front of the truck and looked in my rearview and saw a lot of white smoke. I pulled over and saw the radiator hose had popped off and I tried to fix it. I didn't have the tools to fix it so I called a wrecker which took me to the nearest shop. The mechanic told me it was a blown head gasket (the truck only had 31,00 miles on it). I remembered that the truck was still under warranty so I called the nearest Dodge dealership which was over an hour away. They told me that since the warranty wasn't signed over to me that it was voided. How can a dead man sign over a warranty plus the truck was still in the family? I faught with Dodge for about 2 days and then finally lost. I called Dodge headquarters and they said "Sorry but there's nothing we can do." The mechanic that had my truck said he couldn't get started for a week but there was another shop in town that could do the job but would still take a couple days. We met the owner of that shop (Popeye's diesel in Downey, ID) said he could help me get a rental car and we could continue our trip while he fixed our truck and it'd be ready when we got back. We took him up on his offer and continued our trip because I've been waiting on this leave for over six months. We made it to El Paso and when we got back to Downey, ID he told me the truck was fixed.I drove it around for a little bit and it was working fine. It was time for me to pay for the job which cost $1400 and he gave us a 24,000 mile or 24 month warranty. We made it back home and the truck was acting funny again. I didn't drive it that much after that but I did have some maintenance done to try to fix the problem that no one could figure out. Less than a year after we had it fixed it was smoking really bad again. We took it to the local Dodge dealership and they said it was a blown headgasket, impossible, i had that fixed. I called Popeye's and he denied everything (the warranty, the truck, everything). He even stopped answering my phone calls. The Dodge place opened the engine and noticed it still had the original head gasket and the only thing Popeye's had done was change a $3.00 hose. So we ended up paying $1600 to get it fixed properly. I don't think there is anything I can do about Popeye's (i hope I can) but Dodge should have done something that say sorry but no. I told my whole story just so people can see the trouble I had to go through.

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