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In October 2008 I leased a new Honda Civic, 274.43 per month,insurance approx 114.00 per month. It was the 2nd last Honda on the lot for this year. Big mistake. Within the first month I had trouble with the car. The dash lights failed to come on, and the brakes did not work. The brakes failed to employ, so I sailed through a busy intersection blowing the horn to alert other traffic. The brakes worked about 4 minutes later, much too late. In Jan, Feb, March of 2009, I began getting severe headaches, nauseous, etc when driving the car. In the spring of 2010 ( after 1 year or more of useless reports to the local Honda dealer and Honda Canada, which resulted in rude interactions, and, no service), the car was tested by Maritime Testing Inc, Halifax, Nova Scotia. The owner of this company flew to Newfoundland, where I live and the car is, to test my car for mould. I flew him down, with my money. On my description, he suspected mould in my car. ( based on my description of the problem, my symptoms upon driving it, in combination with his experience with finding mould often in Honda Civics ). When he sat in my car after I picked him up from the airport, he said he smelled and noticed that my car was wet. That is, my car had mould within. Please remember that this was a NEW car, and that I am the sole adult driver. His tests showed penicillium mould in the car. I stopped driving the car the previous winter-2009- as, when the winter hit, in December 2009, I became ill with a sinus infection. I discovered in the spring of 2009 that if I stayed out of my car, I did not get sick. Very simple and obvious. Fast forward to 2012, February. I still have the car. I have not been served, The car has not been replaced. It is still mouldy. The car smells, and I still can not drive it. I still have to pay for it. The dealer would not take it back. I am recovering from sinus infection number ? (I have lost count), having spent 3 hours using my car to run errands on a recent Friday. The brakes have failed to employ when needed 2 more times, for a total of 3 times. On all 3 occasions, I had to drive through red lights, and hope for the best. The brakes always worked after the need to stop the car. The battery was replaced summer 2010. Mileage was very low at that time, the car barely 2 years old. One tire gave out 2011 spring (again low mileage, perhaps 8000 km). The power windows failed to work on one occasion, and the driver's lock had to be replaced at 5000 km approx. This lemon car, not drivable as it is mouldy, sits in my driveway for almost 400.00 a month, and has since the Winter of 2009. I drive it when absolutely necessary only, for short periods of time, and after hepa vacuuming. Otherwise, I walk, take a taxi, borrow a car. or, do without. The car I have discovered and concluded, is mouldy, due to condensation. The inside windows are regularly wet, while neighboring cars are dry. In sum, I have a mouldy car that has made me ill on numerous occasions, and it has not been replaced or dealt with by Honda Canada. I want the 400.00 a month back I have had to waste since October 2008 on this car. I want the money back I have lost in other transportation fees. I want money lost having not been able to drive my car and live my life for 4 years. i want money back for being made ill by a mouldy car. I want money back for items not refunded when broken, for example, and other lost opportunity. I do not go to the gym, I do not drive out of town on weekends, I do not lived my life as normal, because I do not have a car I can drive. i have filed this with the BBB on several occasions, to no avail. I have written a registered letter to the the CEO of Honda Canada, to which I DID NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE OR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT. The latest response from the local dealer to the local BBB was this: " we have talked with other companies, and she does this all the time." (she, being me). Exactly what do I do all time ? Buy a lemon car which complaint the company ignores because they can? Their reponse showed no knowledge of or understanding of the report from the Halifax environmentalist stating my car had mould. The dealership was unable to problem solve in this manner, was unwiliing to take information and advice from me, and did not handle the problem effectively in any way. I was dismissed because I am a woman. A new car is not meant to be mouldy. i have been hitting my head on a brick wall for years in trying to obtain satisfaction from Honda Canda. I have been dismissed and ignored by this company because they think they can. A million dollar dealer and billion dollar company have saddled me with their flawed vehicle, an average joe. I am stuck with the financial obligation of this car, a car bought in good faith from a company I used to trust in. I request this report be put before the CEO of Honda Canada. Other employees at Honda Canada will not and have not dealt with this matter. They have dismissed it. If the CEO of Honda does not have the business savvy and decency to handle this matter, I can't finish this sentence, because that will leave me speechless. Cordially, Sally Rowsell St John's NL

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