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In early June 2011, my toddler daughter and myself flew from Denver, CO to Eugene, OR to be with my dying grandmother. I had packed a checked bag that included clothing, toiletries, toys and the like. Also included in my toiletry case was a necklace my grandmother gave me for my eighth grade graduation; one her grandmother gave her for her eighth grade graduation. A simple, gold chain with a sweet filigreed gold heart charm, no bigger than a dime. With the rate of gold these days, it's probably worth $100. I arrived early in Eugene and immediately headed for my grandmother's house, spending the day there until my daughter was too tired to handle any more. Upon arriving at my parents' house and inspecting my checked bag, I saw it was slightly unzipped. I was unconcerned, as TSA usually inspects my bag; I guess I'm that kind of lucky. After a closer look I saw that my toiletry bag was open and my perfume bottle was uncapped; not something that happens due to turbulence. Perhaps someone was looking for a new scent? I knew then that something was amiss. And then devastation set in - I could not find my necklace anywhere. It was not lost in the bottom of my bag, my husband verified I hadn't left it at home by accident, it wasn't caught in my clothing. It was gone. United Airlines, Eugene Airport, Portland International Airport and Denver International Airport would not respond to my calls, my emails or my letters. Why someone would want something of such little monetary value is beyond my understanding.

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  • Poor Service
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  • Apology
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