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Google (Headquarters) Google Adwords: First, do no evil?
I enabled a Google Adwords Express account in the fall of 2011. After having the campaign run for a couple of months, I decided to disable the campaign after getting an email from Goodle which displayed my campaign performance on 12/14/2011. At the bottom of that email, it said "Sign Into Your Account Today". I went into adwords, turned off all campaigns that I could see and verified that they were all paused including the one labeled: Places Ads_57a35de56aa5dfb9_1. I did not turn off the places ad at that time, however I did verify that it was paused. 2/16/2012, I receive another email from Google indicating that I have continued to accrue charges through January. I click the same link at the bottom of the email and again go in to verify that all of my campaigns are paused - including the Places Ad. That screen shot is attached showing that they were indeed indicating paused. So I asked myself "why am I still accruing charges?". I dialed the Google 1-800 number. I had the pleasure of speaking to Sean. Sean informed me that the Places ad is a part of "Adwords Express" and in fact cannot be managed through the main adwords account, but must be managed through my Google Places account. I asked the obvious question: If that's the case, then why would it show my account as paused in Adwords when it was in fact running. That is misleading. Sean informed me that "this is a user managed system and that I needed to know what I was doing in order to operate it properly". I could go on about how rude Sean was to me, but I will leave it at this. 1. I asked for a credit for all accrued charges since December when I made a good faith effort to turn off my adwords account. Sean refused. 2. I then asked Sean to put me on the phone with his supervisor. He responded "2nd level managers at Google will not get on the phone". I persisted, he refused. 3. I asked Sean for his last name, he "refused to give that personal information." 4. I asked Sean for his manager's name. He stated, "I don't see how that's relevant to the conversation. 5. In the end, Sean hung up on me. And the survey that I was promised by the automated message following my call? It didn't happen. Not surprising. Google, your Adwords and Adwords Express systems are poorly integrated. Your emails showing account activity are misleading at best, and your customer service is truly the worst that I have encountered. I have never, and I seriously mean never, had a CSR state that the corporate policy was that a 2nd level manager would absolutely not get on the phone. That is amazing. You might want to reconsider your "do no evil" mantra or figure out how to provide better customer service. Try calling Fidelity or American Express if you want to see how it should be done.

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