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Golden Rule Insurance Company Golden Rule Health Insurance not golden
Golden Rule, a subsidiary of United Health Insurance, charges an extra $10 a month "Administrative fee on top of their exorbitant policy fees. When I asked what this is for - an extra $120 a year - I was told by customer service it's for mailing out the bill. I said, I want another way to pay - like Credit Card online like everyone else - so I don't have to pay that. They said the only way you cannot be charged that fee is to give us access to your banking acct and all that info. NOT. I don't do that with ANYONE. So I officially requested Credit Card payment. Denied. In January 2012 I paid my Insurance policy fee by check as usual but did not pay the $10 unnecessary fee. I received a letter saying "Our records indicate we have not received our last premium payment. (not true, it's been cased) To avoid termination please remit premium within 10 days." What? Surely there is a better solution, Golden Life. Hey I don't charge you ten dollars a month for mailing it in - why should you? Can you come into the 21st Century and get online credit card payment, please? Or do you prefer keeping that $120 month extra from your policy holders?

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