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Starbucks Coffee Company Gold Membership does not have privileges
Entered into the Starbucks Gold card program back in November of 2011. Within several weeks I had purchased the 30 beverages to obtain a gold card. In late December I was told due to the overwhelming number of individuals who were eligible for the Starbucks Gold Card that it would be three to four weeks before receiving my card. The first week of January I received an email stating my card would be delivered "shortly". What is Starbucks definition of "shortly"? At the end of January 2012 I called Seattle asking where my card was. The referred me to Canadian operations who said to call customer service in Seattle. Calling Seattle customer service again given a number for Starbucks Canada and told to call them. Same number as I had before, called it again and again told to talk to Seattle Customer Service. It is now February 8th, 2012 and I still don't have my Gold Card. In the past two weeks I have received two emails, the first stating that I have reached my one free drink mark and that a "postcard" will be sent shortly and the second stating that this month is my birthday and I should be receiving my "birthday free drink postcard" shortly. Again, what is Starbucks definition of "shortly"?

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