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I notified Georgia Natural Gas that we were leaving them to sign up with Scana. They called and tried to win us back with a great deal. I indicated that I thought it was too late, we had already signed with SCANA. They assured us that it wasn't, that we could call Scana and cancel the move without penalty. So I said OK< then called SCANA to cancel. SCANA said it was too late and that we would be charged $100 to cancel. That more than offset the savings, so I called GNG back and told them we would still be leaving. So then GNG charges me $100 early termination fee. Despite our calling several times to explain that the only reason we agreed to stay was based on faulty information provided by their agent, they refuse to waive the charge.

Type of Gripe:

  • Billing
  • Misrepresentation

Type of solution meliss11 is looking for:

  • Refund
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