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GM World Headquarters GM - stand behind your transmissions, heck..the whole car
In 2005, I purchased a "dream car". I drove from VA to PA to pick it up. It was a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP V8-Loaded! I loved this car. At 20K miles, the brakes went from squealing to metal against metal in the span of 30 miles. Should not have happened. At 52K miles, transmissions completely failed. I called GM, was was told this was not under warranty. I lost my job at the same time, so the car sat for over a year. Finally, took to local shop and got tranny rebuilt. 5K miles later, blew again. Shop paid for 1/2, I paid for 1/2. We were both perplexed. 5K miles later, it went again. Soon discovered this is problem with many V8 GM cars (Impala SS, LaCrosse etc.). But these were not alone, we also had a 2005 Buick LaSabre, bought used, tranny went (under warranty thankfully). GM has repeadatly denied a problem. Now the NTSB is investigating it, as it is a safety issue, tranny fails in traffic can be hazerdous. The shop investigated, and did find many others with the same issues with these transmissions. Found the problem was heat. Too much heat builds up, blows up the torque converter, which when this happens....all these chunks/parts get strewn the the tranny parts. So the shop installed a Tranny Cooler. Finally fet-up. I sold the car at a loss, to a dealer. We bought a used Toyota. Couldn't take the problems or expense anyore. GM knows about this problem but will not admit. I was told I should have taken it to a GM Dealer after the fact, but I could barely afford to fix it at a local shop, let alone pay Dealer Service Rates! They did not say this when I called the first time about it. So I am still bitter about this, I want my $3500 back. I should not have spent this much money on this car. I've never blown a transmission in all the 6 GM cars I owned previously. I took very good care of the this car, did not beat on it as many would believe since it's V8, 300hp car. Unitl I get my $3500 back from GM, I will stick with Toyota for now. I do really like the Volt, and new LaCrosse, but will not even consider until I receive my due justice. I am so dissapointed, as my "Dream Car", turned out to be a nightmare. I had a 1999 Grand Prix GTP before this car, and it was great, I thought I was upgrading to better, newer version. There are just some things on a car, that should not ever go wrong, or last much, much longer. The Transmission fluid is supposed to be good for 100K miles, but the transmission itself did not even last that long, did not have a chance to change it. Google this issue, and there are many, many people with this problem. GM, step up and take care of the problem. I for years defended GM quality against the foreign cars. Saying there are just as good, more options, better options, more technology. I even said, it seems GM invents most of the technology you see on all cars today. I really stood behind GM through the years, I need GM to stand behind a long time customer. I do prefer their cars. My Toyota is boring to drive. My GM cars, I took pride in, kept them spotless, clean them, take pride in driving around, showing it off. Spending hours polishing them with show car polish, telling onlookers about the car. I would love to get a Volt, and show it to people. GM...this is one of your most loyal customers, who for most of his adult life, spoke highly of your cars, I was excited about them, always going to car shows, heading straight for GM cars. Please help me.

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