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Have been with Eastlink (and previous to that with Dartmouth Cable) for many years. -for my TV service With FibreOp from Bell Alaint, I decided to bundle with Bell, and advised Eastlink I would close my account with them on November 24th. The service person took my instructions and advised that I was due a rebate of $24.48, and this could take 6 weeks ?? Despite 2 follow up calls, the rebate check has not yet been received - almost three months ago - although it is clearly indicated that it is due to me.. The amount is not my gripe, just the fact that Eastlink took my money out of my account OK, and the regular monthly increases were never late. So why can't thye make this rebate payment ? Not very good customer service, and definitely a reason not to use Eastlink TV again.

Type of Gripe:

  • Billing

Type of solution Frank Fisher is looking for:

  • Refund
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Frank Fisher