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Future Shop Future Shop a discount only if you are not a indian in canada
On feb 08 2012 i tried to buy a fridge from futureshop.ca-the site headlined "We pay the taxes" only the federal government can deduct taxes in Canada - a common marketting tactic is to state we pay the taxes but this in reality is a 13% discount to match The federal and Provincial sales tax known as the HST -harmonized sales tax- when they are put together in Ontariu Canada where I LIVE-these taxes do not apply to Status Indians when the product is delivered to my home providing I live in a First Nation community like I do-so i told the sales person who answered when I called Future Shop.ca that i did not pay these taxes legally so I wanted my 13% discount and he answered you do not pay taxes anyway - I talked to a supervisor nameKYLE who prpmised 96 hours ago to get back to me-nothing yet

Type of Gripe:

  • Poor Product
  • Shipping
  • Unethical Behaviour

Type of solution reggie4014 is looking for:

  • Apology
  • Policy Change
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