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United Airlines (Headquarters) Flying the UN-Friendly Skies of United
On a round trip to Jackson WY, United Airlines lost my ski baggage to two days, due to a late connection in Denver, from a plane that was having "maintenance issues" leaving late from IAD. I made it to Jackson, and they gave me a voucher for skies, boots, poles, pants, and jacket for the next day (good). They gave me a bag of toiletries (good). I had the clothing on my back, and the laptop as carry on, and decided to work indoors, rather than ski on the first day, but then decided purchase gloves, hat, goggles, socks, etc for the second day. The bags arrived the night of my second day. I did not notice the damage at the time (cracked underside of bag, where wheels are), and really wondered why I paid United $25 a bag fee for this flight leg. Upon my return to IAD, at 1AM, said ski luggage arrived on the turnstyle, with one wheel missing, and now noticeable damage to underside of luggage. The Service desk was closed, and I had a full day of work next day. United policy was to report this within 24 hours. I called to register, and was told I needed to go back out to IAD with baggage to register a claim. No pictures or registering damage over the United Airlines website, must be done in person. Again, now I've paid UA $50 dollars total and seem to be unable to get a credit, let alone reimbursement to have the damaged fixed on the bag. This is VERY Customer UN-Friendly way to report and request baggage damage. I hope UA would address this policy, and allow credit on baggage fees and assistance in repairing/replacing my damaged luggage.

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  • Billing
  • Poor Service

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  • Refund
  • Repair
  • Replacement
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