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Air Canada Headquarters Something fishy about Air Canada Customer Service
In August of 2011 I travelled from Charlottetown PE to Calgary AB with a stop over in Toronto.I had planned a fly fishing trip and had contacted Air Canada at the time of booking to ensure that I could carry my fly fishing rod as carry on baggage,as I did not want to lose my favorite rod .Upon arrival at the Charlottetown Airport I checked my bagagge and spoke with the check in staff to confirm that I could carry my rod(it was in a carrying case) on the plane,the staff confirmed that it would fit in the closet on the plane and so I proceeded to board the plane.When I got to the boarding area the stewardess very rudely said that there was no way you are taking that on this plane.I was forced to put the rod in air cargo .Upon arrival in Toronto I retrevied my rod case only to find that they had lost a piece of my rod thus making it unusable.I proceeded to the customer service desk for Air Canada in the Toronto Airport only to be told there was nothing they could do just report it lost baggage in Calgary.The employee at the boarding area put my information into the computer and I filled out a claim in Calgary,where I was told again that there ws nothing they could do .In order for me to go on my fishing trip i needed to purchase a new fly rod in Calgary I was now out of pocket approximately $400.When I arrived back on PEI in early September i contacted Air Canada and was asked write out an explanation on my claim I sent an email and waited a couple of weeks and called back only to be told I had to put my claim in writing and forward all my copies of my baggage claims and boarding passes which I had already supplied in Calgary.I faxed this information in October and waied another month again I contacted their call center only to be told I needed to supply more information proofs of purchase of my original rod which I did not have as I explained for the third time to their staff.A couple of weeks later I received a letter from Air Canada requesting written explanation and proof of purchase.I called the call center again and explained I did not have the original proof of purchase again it was requested that I put in writing how much I had paid for the original rod and that I did not have a proof of purchase again I complied and faxed the information to Air Canada.I still have not received any compensation just a lot of runaround I guess they hope I will just go away.

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  • Unethical Behaviour

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  • Compensation
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