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Fido FIDO is in the Doghouse!
Bought a LG gossip through FIDO in November 2010. By August 2011 it wasn't working properly anymore (powered off on it's own). Took it for repair in October 2011 - was sent for repair to LG. Got it back 3 weeks later, phone worked for 3 - 4 weeks, had the same problem again. Took it back to FIDO store (London, ON - Whiteoaks) was told they couldn't do anything because it was now out of warranty. Store suggested, I buy a new phone, they would give me a deal on it. Got another LG gossip in November (don't blame me, my son uses the phone, and he wanted something he was familiar with), which started having the same issues (powering off) in January 2012. Took it back to Whiteoaks store, had it sent in for repair - and haven't seen it since. (6 weeks!) Called store on January 24m 2012 and was told the phone was fixed and returned to store, but the store couldn't find it. Called the store every week since, but they still cannot find the phone. Tried to talk to a manager, no manager available...... Called FIDO customer service, they keep on telling me, I have to talk to the store.... I am running in circles, and out of patience.

Type of Gripe:

  • Poor Service
  • Unethical Behaviour

Type of solution Michaela is looking for:

  • Apology
  • Compensation
  • Replacement
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