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Payfirma Corp Fed up paying through the nose for service!
As a business owner, I am sick of paying the high fees they charge for a debit machine and merchant account fees from Visa and Mastercard. So I did a lot of research and tried to find a company who offered good service with reasonable prices. I found a company in Vancouver called Payfirma. They claimed that when I had sales at my gallery using credit cards, that the money would be in my account in 48 hours. Then they made claims that their fees were so much lower than anyone elses and so on and so on. Well, not so. For one, it would take anywhere from 4 to 6 days for any monies to get into my account. I found out too after the fact that their fees, hidden fees, adjustable fees and non adjustable fees were the same or even higher than others. So when I decided to return my debit machine to them, (I was on a monthly rental) I made it very clear that I wanted to cancel the account on December 31st. They cancelled my debit machine and my merchant account on December 12th, right in the middle of my busy Christmas season. I had to argue and swear at them to get my account online again, and without paying more fees for it. Another surprise, I get $500 taken out of my account by Visa and MasterCard because I had a four year contract with them that I did not honour. I called the merchant account supplier First Data, and they were so much better to deal with. I said to them this was a mistake by Payfirma, and why would I want to cancel my account, pay them $500 and then have to reopen it again in the spring. They clearly saw the mistake and rectified it immediately. Be aware of companies like Payfirma who sound too good to be true because they are.

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