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Eastside Mario's Restaurant EAST SIDE MARIO'S = CHING! CHING! FOR THE TAX MAN.
East Side Mario's is going down the road offering prizes such as cash, food, kids eat free on Sunday/Monday and big screen TVs to name a few in hopes of increasing sales and grow their customer base. The problem I have with their promotion is the way they handel the TAXES. They discount their prices however charge TAX on the amount prior to the discount. They do not have to do this. For example: 1. When kids eat free on Sunday and Monday their meal is completly removed from the bill and there is no tax added to the bill because the kids meal is truly free. 2. On one occasion I won a FREE Budda Boomers from a previous visit. These Boomers were not FREE. They applied the cost of the Budda Boomers ($5.99) as a PARTIAL PAYMENT to the entire bill causing the Boomers to draw TAX. The FREE Boomers cost me $0.99 in TAX. (Tax in Nova Scotia is 15%) 3. Another time I won Free Mario's Nachos - They applied the same method to the FREE Nachos and I paid an extra $1.65 in TAX. East Side Mario's should not be in the business of generating TAX revenue for the Nova Scotian Government for no reason. This is a prize I won involving a skill testing question. These are not coupons that would draw TAX. East Side Mario's manages to handle the Kids meals so they do not draw TAX and should do the same with their prize offerings. I am TAXED too death in Nova Scotia and resent paying one cent more than I have too. I think this is just wrong and definitely a bad Business practice. Their goal should be to provide the lowest bill possible. I would like East Side Mario's change the way they apply the TAX.

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  • Billing

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