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If you do and you get sick do not seek help in Redding, CA! At Shasta Regional their ER is not bad for a 3rd world country but they get you in quick and if you are admitted they treat you like a downer cow the day before the cattle auction. At Mercy --- THERE IS NO MERCY AT MERCY---- you will spend at least 8 hours in the ER. Sometimes you sit in the ER waiting room for 8 hrs and when you get in the treatment room you get 20 minutes and you are out of there ----- STILL SICK! They are the most hateful people I have ever met in the medical profession. If your arm is twisted backwards they get it but if you have a disease they couldn't diagnose their way out of a wet paper bag. My wife has been ill with a illness that she was diagnosed with 14 years ago and given 6 months to live 8 years ago. We moved back here almost 7 years ago for better medical care and have been treated like drug addicts the whole time. I am a pastor --- no drugs and no alcohol! Now after almost 7 years the experts here have come to the conclusion that they are in over their heads and at our request they finally sent us to UC Davis where they have REAL doctors. I could go on in detail but no one cares until it happens to them. My advice is don't get sick! Our best in the world health care system is a myth. We are a third world country!

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