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Direc TV (Headquarters) DirecTV refusing to provide proof for unauthorized service
My tenant called AT&T to get cable&internet. She provided none of my personal information, and was allowed to reactivate my old account, under my name, and sign up for DirecTV. No proof of signature at installation, no recording where she was told it was 2 year contract. I have asked them many times. I asked why someone who wasn't me was allowed to reactivate without any personal information of mine, except the address. I am now in collections, and probably ruining my credit for $478 in cancellation fees. Originally DirecTV automatically withdrew $700+ dollars from the tenants account without notification for those fees. A year passed, and the ex-tenant called DirecTV and somehow managed to convince DirecTV that they took money from her bank account when it wasn't her name on the DirecTV account, and the history had disappeared from the amount of time passed. So now the balance reappeared, went to collections and now they are after me for it, even though they had already collected that money, and refunded it incorrectly. I have since then vowed never to pay DirecTV on principal, I have the money, that isn't the problem. I have also signed up with other companies other than DirecTV and have been adding up how much I have spent. DirecTV currently has been losing out on $150 a month on services from my family, and I will continue to never use DirecTV. Hope that this forum makes them realize they messed up, and fix the error, and hope that I come back someday.

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  • Billing
  • Contract
  • Poor Service
  • Unethical Behaviour

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  • Apology
  • Improvement
  • Refund
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