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Staples Canada - Head Office Did the price of paper go up?
Last week I went to Staples expecting to pay a nominal fee for printing off one resume and one cover letter. The self serve computer was occupied, so i asked the clerk to help. She informed me that there was a fee for this service and that it would infact be cheaper for me to use the self serve kiosk. As I was in a hurry, I chose to pay the fee. In total, it cost me just under $4 for the service, one resume and one cover letter. Not a big deal. Today, I returned to the same location and used the available self serve kiosk. To use this, you are charged .30 cents per minute. Again, not a big deal. However, the printer took so long in warming up, that it cost me just over $7 for one resume and one cover letter. The self serve kiosks also do not print reciepts. When I spoke to a manager, she told me that if the kiosk hasnt been used for a while, it does take time to warm up. And that was it. No apology, no offer for a refund or future discount, nothing. she also didnt make reference to the fact that the last clerk I dealt with told me it was cheaper to use the self serve kiosk. $7 for ONE resume and ONE cover letter? I wont be returning to staples for their printing services ever again. __ Location Griped About: Staples Business Depot 233 Main St Moncton, NB ca

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  • Billing

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  • Apology
  • Improvement
  • Refund
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