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In October 2011, flying back from visiting my son in Richmond, a TSA agent decided he needed to take a closer look at my bag of oatmeal, and in the process, broke the zipper to my carry-on bag. This was not Delta's fault, bu the rest it. I boarded my connection for Tucson and after we were told we use electronic devices, I pulled out my laptop. It used it for several hours, until we we told to turn them off for landing. I restowed my laptop into my broken zipper bag, trying to stuff it under other items so it would not fall out. When I went to leave the plane, I could see the laptop had slid out. I was told by the attendant that I could not search for the laptop until the plane was empty and that the employees would get it for me. I waited and waited and finally asked again. I was told there was no laptop in the plane. This was an out and out lie becasue I was using it just before we landed and it did not leave the plane with me. I was told to check lost and found at the airport. No laptop was turned in. I checked and rechecked for days. I knew that between landing and my leaving the plane, someone had taken my laptop. Delta claimed that no one would have entered that plane that was not a Delta employee. So, there you go. My identification was on it, so whomever took it knew what they were doing. WIthin days, my credit accounts began to be compromised. I was forced to change all my passwords, close accounts and do everything I could to protect myself. I conated Delta and they said they would "look into it" but they then ignored me. It was not an expensive laptop, so I never asked for a replacement, but I did ask them to promise me, for the protection of other customers, to tighten up their employee vetting and get rid of any who have criminal histories.The employee who lifted thsi laptop was not a novice. They had experience and began to try to steal my identity within hours. Either that or they quickly sold my laptop to someone who could.

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  • Loss/Damage
  • Unethical Behaviour

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  • Apology
  • Improvement
  • Policy Change
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