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Fabuless Products Dealfind and fabuless products (open to interpretation)
Let me start by saying, this is my first ever "formal" complaint. I'm not one too jump to conclusions, as generally issues tend to resolve themselves with a little digging... Such is not the case here!!! So on January 1st 2012, Dealfind had an advertised price for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.3 for about $170.00 (not to be confused with their other promotion for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.2 that ran on Dec 28th, 2011). I bought two of the newer vouchers totaling with tax just under $350. I then took my "voucher" that I had purchased and redeemed it online at fabulessproducts.com, just as the instructions told me too. I received my confirmation of these now having been ordered. They said please allow 10-15 buisness days for your shipment to arrive... Sounded great. So we waited anxiously, checking the mail everyday for our receipt from Canada post telling us where to pick up our new tabs... Nothing! So on the 23rd of January, we call dealfind. We dealt with an "Amy" who was very helpful and put us in touch with "Andrew" from Fabuless Products who proceeded to tell us we processed the voucher wrong, then he went through the process again, making sure that it was ordered correctly. He then forwarded an email stating the same thing we had seen almost a month earlier, a confirmation of the order being placed. He then said that once Canada Post has the package scanned, we should receive an email advising us of the shipment being sent. We should have received this email within 24hrs as he told us "he went to great lengths to ensure that the order was expedited"... Still waiting for that email Andrew... So we proceed to call (dealfind) again on the 25th of Jan, We spoke with Sonia this time. we were told that they would investigate and have someone call us back.... Nothing... called Dealfind again on the 27th, Spoke to April this time... same story, let us get back to you... nothing... Called dealfind again on Feb 2nd, Spoke to Irani....were still looking into this, but we will get back to you shortly. called back Feb 3rd, spoke too a "Mathureka" who told us that her supervisors were in a meeting, discussing the issues with Fabuless products and that once they were out, you guessed it, someone would call us back... Still nothing Feb 7th, enough is enough, I want a supervisor. So we get Nicole, the dealfind supervisor... First she had insisted that we did the order wrong and thats why all this has gone wrong, but she was actually referring to the Samsung Galaxy tab 2.2 which was available at half the cost of the 2.3 version, but wasn't able to have their vouchers redeemed before Jan 6th, after the conversation got heated, and she realized (only when we faced with the confirmation of what we've been telling her for 10 minutes) that she was talking about the wrong deal. She then said "you're absolutely right" and apologized (bout time someone did). She then gave the company line and said she would contact the head guy (ironically enough, that same guy "Andrew" from the first call) and find out where this went wrong. She promissed an answer first thing this morning.... NOTHING AS OF 2:45pm EST Now I'm not a rocket scientist, but i shouldn't have to re-explain my situation to 7 people (7...not 1 or 2 but 7 TIMES going through this, explaining that no, Im not talking about the deal for 2.2 but the one a few days later for the 2.3) only to still have the same bad taste in my mouth. Gets better.... Fabuless product has a phone number (1-888-702-6632) if you call during business hours which incidentally are 10:30am - 3:30pm (their open for 5hrs daily....wow, some customer service, no wonder they cant call anyone back, or don’t care too), you receive an automated message saying that their phones and CPU's are currently being upgraded nad that the best thing is to send an email to customerservice@fabulessprocts.com (which, like the phone, goes un-noticed) and they will get back to you in 72hrs (no they wont)... If you call afterhours, a much nicer sounding girl has a message asking you to call back during regular buisness hours... FUNNY!!! In short, learn from my mistakes, don’t trust Dealfind or fabulessproducts.com. I am now on a mission to invest all the time that was being spent chasing these clowns, to getting the word out on every website that will allow me to post to it. Today was day 1 with Gripevine, tomorrow is the better business bureau of Canada and then on day 3, Im going to create a facebook account dedicated to getting my message out to as many friends and people alike as possible... If im going to continue to waste my time, might as well be a worth while cause. AVOID Dealfind and Fabuless products at all costs... TRUST ME, So not worth saving $75 on a tab (thats right, their advertised price was 499 but it actually retails for $225 a difference of less then $75 per... If the first rule of customer service is the customer is always right, then how is it I've spent 8hrs writing emails, making calls, and re-explaining the issue to one of 7 people associated with the problem, only to have them tell me first, "it's my mistake" then "let me see what Andrew says, I'll get back to you... Dont make the same mistake that i did...

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