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Rogers Headquarters Customer WHAT? You didn't say SERVICE I hope!
1. After six months of trying to resolve a Rogers billing error (of which there are billions), I finally, in frustration, contacted the President of Rogers, Keith Pelley as well as the Chairman of the Board and their ombudsman.......only to have them all offload my problem onto someone they claimed was the President's Assistant (sure, sure), who, after listening to me rant and rave about my every question being met with the same response "Did you want to give us your credit card number so that we can just deduct payments when they are due" (this was the nature of the problem I was trying to fix) - asked me the following question: Did you want to just give me a credit card number....... that's when I really blew up! Since then, and even as late as two days ago, each call I have made to Rogers for technical assistance goes right to the credit office and I am harrassed by them to give them a credit card number! If I wasn't tied to a contract that would be prohibitively expensive to get out of, I would not ever use their service again. Two days ago, by the way, I was trying to get a PVR set up - that's all -just to get a techie to set it up. Credit Card Number hell appeared almost instantaneously......my bill is not overdue, but that seems not to matter. I got so annoyed I said "you are wasting my time asking me this all the time", and the answer I got was "you are wasting our time" and then was hung up on.! I wrote an angry email to Mr. Pelley, but he apparently doesn't care about customer service either. So, this is as polite as I get in connection with Rogers.

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