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Cabinets 4 Sure CRABinets 4 Sure (instead of Cabinets 4 Sure - south Georgia)
I had Mr. Pigg and his associate come out to put new cabinets in my kitchen. We noticed a few things wrong. He did sloppy work like put drawer facing on backwards, but fixed it before he left. Then, when he left, we noticed a couple of major things which needed fixing. We notified him immediately and he said that since he was so far away, he would come out when he could, ie: when he was IN THE AREA to fix them. That was over a year ago!! We have a lazy suzan cupboard that is VERY sluggish and refuses to turn without a lot of dragging. We have laminate trim falling off the sides of the two edges of countertop on either side of the stove, that need fixing. He should do the right thing by us and return and fix them. P.S. I was going to paint the wall near the upper cabinets a couple of days after installation, only to find that the paint wouldn't stick to the wall. The problem? Mr Pigg or his associate had not cleaned the wall and there was clear glue smeared over the wall which caused the paint to bead up and streak on me! I want these things fixed, please.

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  • Poor Service

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  • Repair
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