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Capital Health Confused and shattered beliefs
I took my daughter to the Victoria Bldg. VG site for an appointment with her liver specialist the end of Jan. 2012. The specialist spoke with both my daughter and I, explaining a more in-depth about the results of my daughters biopsy, stage her disease is at and treatment. I know I heard the specialist state “treatment for Hep C, genotype 1a is needed, the treatment is FDA approved and now available in Nova Scotia” and the pros & cons of this treatment. I asked a bunch of questions, thinking plans were going to begin to be put in place so that my daughter would start this 24 week treatment. My anxiety hit the roof when we were then told my daughter had to wait a year before being treated. We really felt a full dose of being discriminated against when we were told “the government has to be cost efficient and if she was a male or over 40 or if her organs were further damaged with this disease” she would be treated right away. I am confused; I believed that early diagnosis leads to a better chance of remission or cure. I don’t understand when I’m told a disease needs to be advanced to the point of permanent damage of the organs fit the criteria to receive treatment. Am I total out of mind and confused in thinking “TEST, TREAT, CURE” and a patient has the right to be given the opportunity to make their own choice to whether or not they want treatment. I don’t know who, where, what, or how to clarify my daughters and my confused state of mind and shattered beliefs. HELPPPPPPP!

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