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The Coca Cola Company Coke Freestyle Tastes Vile!
Several of my regular eateries have replaced their soft drink dispensing machines with this new-fangled contraption called the Coke Freestyle. A great idea IF it could dispense a quality product but the beverages taste like swill. I've tried several machines in several restaurants and have yet to dispense one that was drinkable. This is taking my business away from not only Coca Cola but the restaurants themselves as it ruins my entire dining experience if I get a bad drink. I hear Pepsi will be rolling out its own version of these multiple product dispensing machines. I won't be able to dine out anywhere. They have not perfected this, yet have put it out there anyway. I don't understand why Coca Cola disregards quality. You would think they would want their products to always be consistently good regardless of where or how they are dispensed. I complained to Coca Cola multiple times with no response. I want Coca Cola to bring back the old school machines. Another issue with these machines is the long lines they create because it's a process to dispense your drink. I hate these machines.

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