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Cogeco Cable Cogeco unlawfully withdraws funds on closed account then they cut me off new account while I make payments
here is the letter I sent to Billing and Collections at Cogeco on Dec 13 they CUT OFF MY SERVICE DEC 27 even after I paid my account on time everytime.I blocked out my account numbers .Im still dealing with this issue.They claim I owe THEM over $200. Cogeco Cable Office of the President P.O.Box 5076 Station Main Burlington, Ontario L7R 4S6 December 13, 2011 Re: Account#70611-295737-04-5-1 Turbo 14 account -----, Hamilton, Ontario Account# 70611-211031-01-0-1 Tv internet bundle ---Stoney Creek, Ontario *Attached 5 Canada Trust Bank Transaction Statements as they relate to issue- accounts Please be advised that this is correspondence containing bank statement evidence in respect to Cogeco Cable withdrawing monies out of my preauthorized payment account without my permission after my Cogeco tv and Cable internet package account # 70611-295737-04-5-1 at a rate of $120.71 per month was closed . This account at -- Stoney Creek, Winona, Ontario was closed and ended with a zero balance at June 30, 2011. Cogeco Cable continued to withdraw $120.71 July 04, 2100 and August 02, 2011 $52.31 respectfully, from my Canada Trust bank account while I had no cable service or home at the time and resided in a hotel while seeking housing. I schedualed Cogeco Cable to hook up new services in my new address in late September of 2011. At that time they assured me they would deduct the cable box owing on my previous account when I shipped it back and that they confirmed that I was starting off my new address with a zero balance from my previous address. At my new address, ----Hamilton, Ontario I applied for the promotion High speed turbo 14 package Internet Only of a Starting rate of $43.95 / month with a Regular monthly fee of $60.95 AFTER 12 months. Since my new account has opened my last statement for -----claims I owe $194.52 outstanding. I was issued a new account #70611-211031-01-0-1 . I purchased the turbo package under the assumption that I would only be charged $43.95 plus applicable taxes per month for the first 12 months as per the advert. I have been overcharged for the package at this new address. Turbo package account Oct 03 2011 I paid $65.72, Nov 14,2011 I paid $68.87, and Dec 05, 2011, I paid $68.87 and a payment of $68.87 to a gentleman at my door claiming to cut me off from Cogeco. Nov 11, 2011. Cogeco call center Billing Department and Collections Department have refused to listen to my payments I have made and have several times been highly unprofessional threatening me and have sent someone to my home to disconnect my internet service even though I continue to pay. When I asked for them to review my account they claim they have no access to check my previous closed out account or payments made to that account.The amount I have paid Cogeco the last 7 months for less service items totally exceeds the amount of regular payments i have payed at my previous address with more services. Please see bank Statements for all issues I have overpaid for at my previous address plus overpayment issues on turbo package #70611-295737-04-5-1. I would like to be reinbursed for ALL unauthorized payments withdrawn from my Canada Trust Bank account to Cogeco Cable while I had no service hookup or home for the hookup the payments July 04 2011 Cogeco Cable Ca BPY payment $120.71 and August 02. 2011 Cogeco CA BPY payment $52.31 Account # 70611-295737-04-5-1 --- atBarton St Stoney Creek Winona . Plus I would like to be reinbursed for All overpayments made from me to Cogeco Cable for the Internet turbo 14 account #- 70611-211031-01-0-1 Hamilton, Ontario. as payments do not reflect the advertised cost of pakage. Thankyou Cogeco cut off my services December 27 even thought I continued to pay for turbo 14 package over $68.00 per month at new address. Theyd them they claim they charge one month ahead of time for services so why did they continue to withdraw money from my account when it was closed .They also claim they cannot look into closed accounts. They did not hook up my new internet service in July as they claim they service man could not reach the wires to hook up service because the alley way was blocked. When i requested they send me all the bandwidth usage for all the times in dispute they refused I have had a hard time accessing internet to dispute or send messages or even use a phone the issue is still ongoing and i have advised Cogeco after sending information here that i amseeking to send my complaint to consumer affairs as Cogeco does not listen or reason with issues. They claimed they can cut me off for any reason they wish. They were so rude and towards me I was shaking and crying for hours. Cogeco sent me a bill for Jan -Feb 2012 this past week they are still billing me I have no service once again and returned all of their equipment when they rudely cut me off in December. I feel they are going to ruin my credit rating and they owe me over $200. its not fair.

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  • Billing
  • Disruption
  • Misrepresentation
  • Poor Service
  • Unethical Behaviour

Type of solution Iamcanadian is looking for:

  • Apology
  • Compensation
  • Refund
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