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Allegra Icon Homes City Assumed Land in 2008 and Still Waiting for Refund from Allegra Icon
We purchased a townhouse from Allegra Icon in 2006 and part of the sale was a $1000 security deposit. This deposit was supposed to be refunded once the City of Mississauga assumed the development. The City assumed the development on April 9, 2008. To date, we have only received $600. According to Allegra (April 26/10), they were still "reviewing and negotiating back charges" with the developer. However, three facts remain: 1) two of our neighbors received their $1000 deposit a long time ago 2) I spoke with the developer Graywood in March 2010 and was told that this dispute is between the developer and Allegra only and does not involve the homeowners (Allegra provided list of back charges that they are disputing to Graywood in Oct 2009; therefore Allegra knows exactly what repairs (if any) have been done to each unit. 3) Graywood mentioned that our property was not on the list of back charges that Allegra is negotiating/reviewing. Looking forward to receiving the remaining $400 of our security deposit.

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  • Contract

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  • Refund
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