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Cisco Systems Canada Co Cisco has left buyers of their TOP OF THE LINE home router (Linksys E4200) high and dry.
Cisco recently decided to upgrade their top of the line home router the E4200 and are refusing to allow buyers to switch up. This was a $169.99 + tax purchase. This is significant since most home routers are about $50-$60. They have since quietly discontinued it and replaced it by the E4200 v2. They even kept the same case! From the outside, you cannot tell them apart. They greatly increased its processing speed and sped up the transfer rate over the 2.4GHz band from 300 Mbits/sec to 450 Mbits/sec. There are other various updates as well. They quickly pulled all of the version 1's off the shelf and jacked up the price by $20. Cisco refuses to let loyal customers to pay the difference to get the updated version. We bought the best that they had to offer and they've dumped it with no explanation. I would understand if the entire line was changed to a new line. But this is not the case. They kept the rest of the "E" line of routers intact and the new E4200 v2 now leads the pack. Cisco should recognize the loyalty of the buyers of their premium router and allow us the chance to upgrade for $20 instead of $189.99 + tax!

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