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Cibc World Markets Inc CIBC Does Not Value Client's Time
Called them Jan 4/12 unauthorized charge on Visa, told to cut up car, replacement card on it's way in the mail along with confirmation letter that in fact we did not authorize charge on our Visa. Jan 23/12 still no Visa in the mail, not wanting to sit on hold for another 20mins or so, sent a message via on-line banking, received a generic letter basically telling me to call Visa centre, I resent and asked who ever is picking up these messages, could they actually READ it as it's really a waste of the customers time, especially if I take the time to write it and then they don't take the time to properly read it or respond properly. No response, called a couple of days later, now Feb 1, almost a month now, still no card, I have a credit on my credit card now and need the cash, but since I have cut up my old credit card, as instructed by CIBC Visa, I have no way of accessing it, other than doing a cash advance, I say to the lady on the phone at CIBC Visa, look how can we do this without me being charged as this is your error. The lady at CIBC says, oh don't worry I will credit you back the $2.50...it will take at the most 24-48hrs, needless to say I never received the credit and when I called back to ask why I had not been credited (all for a measly $2.50....to which I have spent at least 2hours of my time on because of their error in not completing what they said they were going to do)....this is the icing on the cake, they had no recollection of my previous call!!!! Then I was put on hold (for at least 10 mins) while the person on the phone could get authorization from their manager to reverse $2.50 back onto my Visa....can you believe it??

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