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The Children's Place Children's Place CAUTION -- They Put Themselves First When They Make A Mistake
We ordered an on sale item from Children's Place (http://www.thechildrensplace.ca). We received someone else's order (containing a clothing item worth 3x the value of our order). We called Children's Place customer service to notify them of their error. We were asked to mail back the item that was sent to us by mistake (they emailed us a label to print and asked us to take it to the post office, rather than having a courier pick it up). Then they told us that our original order must have been sent to someone else, so it would be cancelled. We asked if customer service could reorder the item we had originally ordered at the sale price. We were told that they couldn't. We would have to do it ourselves on the website, and now pay full price. So, because of their error and our honesty, we had to print a label, package someone elses item, drive it to the post office, forfeit our original sale price and are expected to pay full price plus shipping. The email sent to us from customer service (containing the label they asked us to print), said that it could not be replied to, but if we had additional concerns, there was a link we could click to express them. The link does not work as it redirects us to the Canadian main homepage. It likely only works in the US. It is clear that Children's Place is more interested in recovering their mis-shipped merchandise, at our expense, than in helping us recover the order they shipped elsewhere. We did, despite the poor treatment, mail their item back. At a minimum, we would expect them to honor the sale price of our original order and resend it to us correctly. Paying our shipping would certainly be a kind gesture, considering we paid gas and inconvenience to help them recover their item. Here is the email that was sent to us after the phone call: February 08, 2012 Case#: 1178607 Dear (our name), Thank you for contacting The Children's Place. To rectify this issue we have sent an electronic prepaid label to your email address so the incorrect item(s) can be sent back to us. We appreciate your honesty in reporting this issue to us. We will send you an electronic prepaid label to return the items to our Distribution Center. If you have any additional questions, please contact Customer Service at 1-877-827-7895, or visit www.thechildrensplace.ca to view our Frequently Asked Questions. Sincerely, Lois Customer Service Representative Please do not reply to this email. To send additional comments regarding this issue CLICK HERE (link does not work) Have a comment? Please take this brief SURVEY to give us your feedback about this email experience.

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