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Stevesons Law Canadian Kugel Recall - I would like to be included in this class action law suit
While on the job I picked up a piece of steel with my helper who failed the lift it thereby allowing the weight of a sheet of 48 x 101 14ga steel to fall onto me. This resulted in a right inquinal hernia which was fixed with the Kugel Hernia Implant Mesh. However since the original operation was on January 14, 1982, I do not fall into the recall notice of 2000-2005 even though the recall notice dated February 6, 2007 states all products before 2005. Apparently 1982 is not before 2005 in Canada, thereby eliminating my eligibilty according to Stevesons Law, the law firm in Toronto who is handling the class action law suit. This implant has resulted in 6 operations with one post-op infection that required drainage along with 28 pain injections in the groin with various steroids along with the loss of family, friends, a job and being compelled to a life of poverty for a defective medical implant. Now a local physicain has refused to refer me to a specialist stating that further surgery may cause further complications. Even though this person is not a surgical expert. I have found an expert in Cleveland at the Hernia Center of Ohio who recommends the replacement of the patch however I am still awaiting to hear back from WSIB for the pension commutation to fund the operation in the US. To still be suffering a groin injury after thirty years would not have been possible if not for the car accident several years ago which resulted with amnesia but it does make fighting this battle alone a very difficult one. Another one of the hiccups with this case is that when I first learned of the recall almost three years ago I asked the University of Toronto to videotape the procedure like other operations which are shown on TV but I did not want my own operation to be on TV but I believe the procedure needs to be recorded for a defective medical implant.

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  • Poor Product
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