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Reader's Digest Association (Canada) Ltd Canada "Most Read Most Trusted" Magazine
I am so pissed at Readers Digest, they continue to raise the price of the subscription! They keep cutting down on the amout of information, stories just everything about this so called Most Read-Most Trusted Canadian magazine! Why the crap can they keep cutting this book down in pages and still charging the customer the same price... Example:APRIL 2011 There were 176 pages that month, ahead to the new book I just got today.MARCH 2012 NOW there are only 144 pages! Wish I knew where to write to find out what can be done about them ripping off there readers. Looks like this is one customer who will not be renewing the 3 subcriptions we buy!

Type of Gripe:

  • Misrepresentation

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  • Improvement
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