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Future Shop Can't cancel insurance on cell phone
After 30 days you can't cancel your cell phone insurance. They make it sound like you can't live without it and you need it, so they say the "try it for 30 days to see if you like it" story knowing most people will forget about it. Also they told me I could call a number to cancel so I did, they told me I need to go to the store I bought the phone from. I was in away on business at the time and went to Future Shop when I got home. I explained the story and all I got form the manager was "sorry about that" and no results. Called before the 30 days were up but because I was away I got to Future Shop after the 30 days. If your on a tight budget down the road you can't cancel until your cell term is up, and if some reason you forgot to cancel after 30 days, I guess its too bad. You should know that it's about $15 a month which comes to around $540 in 3 years, you can buy most phones for that much. This is a terrible business practice and should be questioned, I've never heard of an insurance you can't cancel. Ahhh I feel better already...

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