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Calgary City Hall, Calgary, AB T2G 5E6 Calgary Transit - Worst in NORTH AMERICA
Dear Mayor Nenshi; I ride Calgary Transit every work day of the month, and purchase a monthly pass. I am tired of the Calgary Transit System having absolutely no backup plan to move PAYING CUSTOMERS out of the downtown region when delays happen, and have decided to give you one. On February 13, one of your C-trains broke down on 25 Ave S.W., and instead of getting on the Public Speakers which are at EVERY C-Train Platform, your employees took to twitter. REALLY, how many people are standing at a C-train platform looking at twitter? NOT ONE, where I was. How many people have a cell phone that has internet capabilities with a twitter account….apparently not very many and none where I was (last stop in downtown headed to Crowfoot). My back up plan, was to wave my hands on the platform and ask for anyone wishing to share a taxi to Crowfoot. I got a total of 6 people, to share a taxi van to Crowfoot, and it cost each one of us $7. (Including tip) and I was only 10 mins. later than usual Now for Calgary Transit…Fire the moron in charge…that should be the first thing you do. BACK UP PLAN 1. Hook up all the signs at the C-train platform to twitter, so EVERYONE knows what is going on, or put new electronic signs up that are hooked up to twitter. Communicating with customers is the key. Also get on the PUBLIC SPEAKER SYSTEM, and CLEARLY tell people what is going on and EXACTLY how long it will be before a C-train or Bus shows up to move them to their desired location. Twittering for people to call 403-262-1000, IS NOT COMMUNICATING. For one thing, I do not have a cell phone….and I looked around on February 13, 2012….there was no one else with a cell phone either. How exactly is telling people to call 403-262-1000 going to move them to Crowfoot, when they do not have a cell phone? Please put YOURSELF in our shoes…how do you want to be treated? 2. Place one large bus map at every C-train platform that clearly identifies which stops people should walk to, in order to catch the bus to their desired location. This could easily be done today, take down one advertisement at each stop, and replace with a map. 3. Have you tried calling the Calgary Transit number 403-262-1000? Well for the purposes of this exercise, please call the number and identify “CUSTOMER SERVICE” and “COMPLAINTS”. Now, you will notice that those options do not exist. WHY do they not exist? Now it is time to make them exist. Get your IT people on it TODAY. Fix it and get it done. THIS IS EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. Every time I call 311 about Calgary Transit, they put me thru to that number, and the options are not clearly identified. It is NOT USER FRIENDLY!!! 4. Shuttle buses should be used EVERY time there is a delay. Everyone in Calgary knows when Calgary Transit says delay….it is not a few minutes….it is usually a few hours. So, fix it….get those Shuttle buses running. Paying customers do not want to stand on C-train platforms for hours on end with no light at the end of the tunnel. 5. When was the last time you rode Calgary C-Trains? Seriously…get out there and ride it during the peak times…I want you to see for yourself, and take those Aldermen with you. Look for a Calgary Transit Cop….have you found one…NOPE, not one to be found. All those crowded C-trains are crowded with people not paying. You want more money….stop raising the fairs, and start check the people. 6. Now to verify where the Calgary Transit Cops are hiding, put an electronic tracking devise in their phones or download an app for it and place on their phones. Then you will know if they are in fact working or hiding and drinking coffee. 7. You tell me, does Calgary Transit have a high turnover of staff? Do they suffer from low moral? Is there a lot of bickering, back stabbing and bullying? Perhaps it is time you hired an outside company like “The Optimal YOU” http://www.theoptimalyou.com/about.html Get this city running smoothly NOW! I hope you take these suggestions seriously, because as a tax paying citizen of Calgary, I am extremely frustrated with the lack of consideration or back up plan by Calgary Transit. The taxes keep going up and nothing constructive gets done, and this needs to change. When people call 311 they should get someone with some information, not a transfer to a department with no customer service….passing the buck, is not how you make Calgary Tax payers happy. Sincerely, A Very Frustrated Calgary Tax Payer.

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