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Recently, the cable companies have switched over to a digital broadcasting system, and therefore had to upgrade the customers' equipement at home in order to continue receiving cable tv. Here is what Videorton cable company did to my father (a senior citizen) who has been with Videotron for over 26 years at a previous address and approximately 7 years at his current address. Upon doing the upgrade of his digital box, he found himself with a charge for $15.98 a month for a service called only "TMN". In good faith believing that it was part of the new upgrade fees, he continued to pay $15.98 a month for 5.5 years. My father resides alone and doesn't understand french to the degree most Quebec residents do, so he never contested the fees. I live in B.C. and my siblings all live in Florida. My father is currently in an ICU unit after undergoing brain surgery for cancer. My father has always been satisfied with his cable channels and even had about five channels added on as extras, but he is very plain and watches the same shows everyday, knows what time they come on, etc...He also never sits and watches movies. He just doesn't care for movies, he never had any movie channels at his other residence(for approx. 26 yrs), never asked for them at his current residence, and doesn't want them (period). When I arrived here in Quebec to care for my gravely ill father, I called Videotron and asked them to add A&E, and Discovery channels to his line-up. At the same time my father asked me to ask them what the charge for "TMN" was for. I did, and Videotron said it was for "The Movie Network". My father said that he never ordered "TMN", and he doesn't want TMN. Videotron removed the charge and gave him a credit of $15.98 x3. That was not enough of a credit for haveing bilked my father out of over a thousand dollars. My concern now is on making my dad whole again. Justice is what it's called. And I would also like to send out a message to the rest of Videotron users, to check that they are not being over-charged, for services they never ordered since the new digital conversion cloud swept over them. My assumption is that if they added this service to my father, quantum mechanics says that they are doing it to others as well. Also to note is how they don't seem to have the request for order stating who ordered this new service. My father (and now I) have the sole authority to make these kinds of decisions regarding the account. They need to be held fully responsable for this charge as they are the ones who have innitiated this extra charge.Had we not caught this huge error in billing, my poor father would have continued to pay, and pay, and pay. Society needs to be able to have faith in the corporate world, and we need to know that if they ever do make a mistake, that they at least man-up and accept what is theirs. Is this how we, as a society, treat our elderly citizens with language barriers? We should think not! So, before you corporate wigs get your little flunky sales reps to interrupt someone's dinner trying to sell some useless "product" or service, don't be alarmed at society's response when the phones start slamming-down in protest. Thank-you for listenning. Marc Hewey

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