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United Airlines (Headquarters) A butterfly flaps its wings, a flight is cancelled
United Express flight 3735 from Chicago O'Hare to Madison WI was cancelled on Feb. 7, 2012. The airline claimed it was weather-related, and thus they did not have to offer any compensation. I was rebooked on a flight the next day. The cancellation occurred over 4 hours before flight time, over 2 hours before the same plane landed safely at Chicago O'Hare on the first leg of its flight, and there were no other cancellations in that hour. There is ample evidence that the weather conditions had no impact on flights in and out of either airport involved, including another airline's flight using the same route safely one hour earlier than this flight. The reasons given to me for the cancellation began with low clouds, then became snow and low clouds, and finally I was told that they had to reduce flights but not cancel them all. United cancelled a total of 12 flights that day in north America, and a total of 18 flights departing from Chicago O'Hare were cancelled that day. There was no snow in the area at the time the flight was scheduled to depart, or for 2+ hours before scheduled departure. The clouds were not low enough to impact other flights. I am awaiting confirmation that no runways were closed at Chicago O'Hare at any time that day. All this information makes it hard for me to believe that the cancellation was in fact weather-related, and I believe that United or United Express owes me and other passengers on that flight appropriate compensation for the inconvenience and for the alternate transportation used. LOCATION: 4000 International Ln # 6 Madison, WI USA

Type of Gripe:

  • Disruption
  • Misrepresentation

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  • Compensation
  • Policy Change
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